Minecraft Probably Chests

Minecraft Probably Chests was introduced into the game for its beautiful models and textures to make it fit for their atmosphere and biomes. The best activity in the game is bounty hunter which players get to commute the world and loot from chests. Players find unique chests which have special textures as well as themes. These chests contain amazing features of the best biomes-related items and blocks. Mimics are added to the chests.

Probably Chests for Minecraft 1.18.2

Are you willing to make your own world look better and add more comments related to chests? You can install Minecraft probably chests that add mods for chests of various types as well as you can find valuable bows.

Will chest attach you? Yes, sometimes chests will attack you when you find an open jaw with sharp teeth in that way chest will attack you. So do not open these chests without proper pieces of equipment.

How to install the modification

First step: download and install Fabric and Fabric API.

Second step: download the mod file.

Third step: copy the Probably Chests mod package to the .minecraft/mods folder (if it does not exist, install Forge again or create it yourself)

Are you familiar with Minecraft Mod APK? If not then go there and check what you see. I hope you can enjoy that feature and the amazing mod which are best for players.

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