App NameMinecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk
Latest VersionV1.19.60.24
MOD InfoLicense/All Unlocked/Immortality
UpdateJanuary 16, 2023

What is Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk?

Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk is a pocket-sized version of the sandbox crafting video game Minecraft Mod Apk. What does “pocket” mean here? Pocket refers to the placement of the Smartphone in pockets. Previous versions were mostly compatible with PCs. Versions compatible with Android also provide only some of the enchanting features of the awesome crafting game. But now the wait is over, and this problem has been solved. You are not required to carry your desktop or laptop with you at all times. Whenever you want to craft the infinite worlds of your imagination, pick out your Android from your pocket and start enjoying it.

Are you afraid that the game in your Android will slow down its working and affect its efficiency? If yes, stop worrying because this site provides you with the best version of Minecraft for your pocket, java edition, bedrock edition, and classic mod. The file size does not create problems for the mobile devices’ safety. You can create an adventurous world by touching the Android device’s screen. There is no need for a unique setup like a PC. Then why are you still waiting? Install the material for your entertainment and start your crafting journey.

Feature Of Minecraft PE Mod Apk

3D Graphics

Minecraft Pocket Edition provides 3D blocks with different colors used to build houses, caves, and other structures and also used to be part of a beta program for crafting weapons to use during fights with monsters. Colorful 3D graphics allows the crafted world to appear as the original one.

Background Sounds

One of the enchanting features of this version is its background sound, which enhances each mode’s fun. As the sound changes with modes and situations, it allows gamers to feel like that present in the gaming world in reality.

Minecraft Mobs

Minecraft mobs are the game’s creatures, most of which fight with the user’s characters, such as zombies, blaze, fireballs, ghosts, pillagers and skeletons.


Skins are a visual representation of your characters in crafting games; various skins are available you can choose your own choice. You can easily change characters through the game menu by clicking on your Android screen.


Creative gamers can create a map of their own choice in the game or use the available maps if they want to avoid creating one. Both options are available; you can use them according to your requirements and will.

Unlimited Resources

In previous versions, fun was limited due to limited resources like skins, texture packs, unique maps, mine coins, dangerous mobs, resource packs, water resources, and 3D blocks. But now you have unlimited resources to have fun.

Various Bug Fixes

Bugs are some coding problems in the game that do not allow the game features to work properly as they should. The appealing thing is that bugs have been fixed in this version.

Multiplayer Feature

Minecraft Pocket and Minecraft Dungeons Edition can be played solo or with your friends. You can make online connections throughout the world and can play with friends that you want.

Modes of Minecraft

Modes of Minecraft show different configurations that allow a gamer to enjoy all events; there are four important modes: Survival mode, Creative mode, Adventure, and Spectator.

Final Words

Pocket Edition of Minecraft is a pocket version of Minecraft Nintendo Switch that doesn’t bore users of all age groups if they play it every time. Can one not get bored by playing the same game plays every time? Interestingly, we are on the way to introducing new features and settings, keeping users’ requirements. One becomes addicted to this game once it starts. Addiction seems to be weird, but addiction to utilizing your creativity isn’t bad.

It is a good habit to craft an imaginary world of your choice and enjoy features with friends sitting thousands of miles away from you with a single click. We are always here to help you if you face any problems during the installation of Minecraft Pocket Edition; we will try our best to resolve your issue.


Minecraft Pocket Edition allows enthusiastic gamers to play and enjoy their favorite game at a distance of one touch screen on their Android.

Of course, this game is a platform for all who want to view the visual representation of their thoughts and prove their creative skills.

If you are interested in enjoying this version on your PC, you can use an Android emulator.

Yes, of course, it is. There is no security issue; we know everyone is concerned for the safety and should be. But don’t worry; this version is protected from hackers and viruses.

Absolutely, not. This version is free for all users and all Androids; you don’t need to pay for a single coin to access your imaginary world.

No, we have removed this irritating thing as irrelevant advertisements distract the gamer and spoil their fun.